Customers reported the following after using Spikes CBDX Tincture:

Anxiety Relief

 Better Sleep


Pain Relief

Improvement in Skin


Spikes CBDX products help athletes perform better, recover faster, avoid injuries by making their bodies stronger and help recover from injuries naturally.


Spikes CBDX massage oil is formulated to soak deep into the skin to improve the soothing effect to applied areas. When applied you will get a feeling of instant restfulness.


Get your daily dose today of antioxidants with this moisturizer infused with CBD, white tea, jojoba, and vitamin E to help balance dry, distressed skin & protect it from environmental aggressors like pollution & UV light.

I absolutely love the Spikes massage oil, it smells so yummy and feels very light on your skin. I use it as a moisturizer after taking a shower every night and to help me sleep.

Michelle Yelena

Spikes CBDX oil has been a game changer for me!  I take it twice per day and I no longer have muscle spasms or back pain. Highly recommend these products.

Matt Dayton

I highly recommend this product. I received my Spikes CBDX CryoGel recently. I’ve been using it as directed. It’s so good and such a good product. Great customer service and such a good team of people. I will be purchasing more of it in the future!!

Ida Dewberry